Catalyzing finance and investment
for a sustainable and climate resilient future

Established in 2024, Climate Finance Network Thailand (CFNT) is a think tank and a network of like-minded individuals headquartered in Bangkok, devoted to propelling sustainable financial practices and assisting in Thailand’s transition toward a low-carbon economy in line with 1.5°C climate target

Climate Finance in Thailand

Recognizing the pivotal role of the financial sector in combating climate change, 
CFNT’s primary objective is to help catalyze impactful climate finance through 
solution-based research, stakeholder engagement, and network building. Our ultimate goal is to assist Thailand’s financial sector to be more responsive to the challenges of climate change. By uniting forces with like-minded partners, CFNT endeavors 
to help shape a financial landscape that aligns with global sustainability goals and fosters 
a resilient, green, and inclusive economy.

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Research Highlights

Fossil Reckoning: Valuation of Coal and Gas Stranded Assets in Thailand



CFNT Webinar 1 Climate Finance Landscape Thailand and Global